It's back to the future for Eurasia

"New Eastern Europe" notes the coming of age of an interconnected generation; "La Revue nouvelle" disentangles the clash of interests behind the scenes of Euromaidan; "Soundings" contrasts yesterday's cultural bricolage with today's neoliberal culture; "Lettera internazionale" claims the decline of the West is on hold; "Magyar Lettre" imagines not a Fortress Europe but a continent open to other continents; "Multitudes" reviews attitudes towards African art and modern China; "Host" digests the last 50 years of literature and politics; "L'Espill" makes the case for Catalan literature as one among many European literatures; "Kulturos barai" takes a transatlantic perspective on big stories from small countries; "Nova Istra" remembers Mirko Kovac; "Sodobnost" talks about dance; and in "Syn og Segn" Jon Fosse says Catholic mass makes for better theatre.

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The Resurrection of Authoritarianism - Democracy and Democratization: The Road Ahead, Three Decades after 1989 - Commemorating the Indian Journal Frontier During These Times

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