New fascisms coated with sugar

"openDemocracy" demands substantive democracy's total transformation after the EU elections; "Esprit" discovers in political bricolage the salvation of Europe; "Schweizer Monat" dives into the parallel world of data; "New Humanist" argues that WWI was just as much about British imperialism as German militarism; "Kultura Liberalna" tries to read Vladimir Putin's mind; "Letras Libres" looks forward to the premier of Mario Vargas Llosa's new play; "Critique and Humanism" observes the transformation of Sofia after a year of protest; "Multitudes" probes forms of collectivity old and new; "Akadeemia" assesses Estonia's ten years of EU membership; and "Dialogi" says a film critic without a film festival is no film critic.

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The Resurrection of Authoritarianism - Democracy and Democratization: The Road Ahead, Three Decades after 1989 - Commemorating the Indian Journal Frontier During These Times

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