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29. juni 2016

As confirmed by the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, clearly, people with disabilities are entitled to the same rights as anyone else. Yet the stigmatizing social representation of disabled people remains the key barrier to exercising these rights.

29. juni 2016

Ever since Ai Weiwei's presence in Berlin became more permanent, he seems to have simultaneously lost his aura as a dissident Chinese artist and alienated the art world as a kind of arty, conformist Berliner. But conformism can cut both ways, writes Matthias Dell.

27. juni 2016

As plans for the future of Europe are drawn up in the wake of last Thursday's UK referendum, Eurozine asked editors at partner journals for their initial responses to the Brexit decision, and how it's being received in their home countries.

24. juni 2016

If the financial crisis divided the EU between creditors and debtors, opening a gap between North and South, the refugee crisis re-opened the gap between East and West. What we witness today, writes Ivan Krastev, is not what Brussels describes as a lack of solidarity, but a clash of solidarities: national, ethnic and religious solidarity chafing against our obligations as human beings.

23. juni 2016

Whatever the result of today's UK referendum, neither popular disaffection with mainstream political institutions, nor the sense among large sections of the electorate of being politically voiceless, is likely to subside. Nor will it, argues Kenan Malik, until the reasons for that disaffection are directly addressed.

23. juni 2016

Whether the UK remains an EU member or not after today's vote, there's no business as usual to return to for Britain, the EU or even the western world. So says the executive editor of POLITICO's European edition, Matthew Kaminski.

21. juni 2016

Ahead of Thursday's EU referendum, Ben Little of "Soundings" (UK) looks beyond the daily diet of questionable and competing facts circulated by party political factions, and considers the deep-seated tensions that currently shape the United Kingdom's fractured political landscape.

21. juni 2016

Both Remain and Leave campaigns are equally culpable for the toxic mixture of ill feeling and scare tactics that has defined the build up to Thursday's referendum, writes Benjamin Tallis. A British citizen who has spent most of his working life on the continent, Tallis bemoans how these dismal campaigns have obscured the fact that, for all its faults, the European Union remains the world's most successful liberal project.

15. juni 2016

There is a no-man's-land between European post-democracy and notional national democracy that largely consists of grand coalitions of the political centre. It is here that European populism is flourishing and will continue to do so. Ulrike Guérot offers a corrective.

15. juni 2016

Public debates in Sweden on EU migrants has become particularly divisive of late, reinforcing misleading notions of who is considered "deserving" of welfare and who "non-deserving". The authors appeal for a political community based on radically different principles.

15. juni 2016

In "Blätter", Ulrike Guérot offers a corrective to European postdemocracy; "openDemocracy" founder Anthony Barnett states the case for "Bremain"; "Esprit" considers how to eat well and save the planet; "New Humanist" isn't exactly sold on cryonics; "Dziejaslou" dips into the correspondence of a Belarusian prisoner of conscience; "Fronesis" challenges the dominant ideology of capitalist (welfare) societies; and "Syn og Segn" on why a Muslim is not always a Muslim.

14. juni 2016

It's not just Europe's far right parties; the radical Left too has both personal and political connections to the Kremlin, write analysts Péter Krekó and Lóránt Gyori. Moreover, the old "comrade networks" of Soviet times remain active.

13. juni 2016

Amid the inner turmoil of France's socialists, Steffen Vogel asks: could the Nuit debout movement signal the renaissance of the French Left; or even a broader cultural turn altogether? Since its emergence on Paris's Place de la République in early 2016, the movement was quick to go nationwide.

10. juni 2016

States such as Norway or Switzerland have tended to relinquish sovereignty to the European Union without any prospect of co-determining the course that the Union takes, write Erik O. Eriksen and John Erik Fossum. Moreover, such states experience new EU treaties or reforms as "shocks" for which they are poorly prepared in comparison to member states. But these are not the only lessons that voters in the UK's upcoming referendum on EU membership may wish to consider.

10. juni 2016

Once the preserve of eccentrics and cranks, cryonics is entering the mainstream. Is eternal life possible – or even desirable? Traversing the interface between transhumanist subcultures and high-stakes investment in novel technologies, Cal Flyn investigates.

09. juni 2016

Even a democratically elected president of the European Commission, or the elimination of the circus that is a European Parliament based in two cities, will not make citizens fall in love with the Union. What's required, says Jan Zielonka, is a form of European integration able to meet the needs of societies put under pressure by current geopolitical tensions and the digital revolution.

09. juni 2016

In this excerpt from Anthony Barnett's latest book project, the founder of "openDemocracy" (UK) argues in favour of the United Kingdom remaining a European Union member state. In the process, Barnett reflects on the changing prospects for a genuinely democratic Europe, and on the role of digital and other new platforms in shaping European debate.

08. juni 2016

The globalized food industry has played havoc with ecological systems during the past 50 years. Christian Rémésy, Director of Research at France's National Institute for Agricultural Research, insists that a much-needed food transition is possible; all that is lacking is political will.

07. juni 2016

Russia's democratic movement needs to develop a cultural and political strategy based on the following premise, writes Sergey Lebedev: that a systemic failure to deal properly with Soviet-era crimes has engendered the present-day authoritarian Russian state. This is the only way to end the damaging series of half remedies that has so far sustained the illusion of justice being restored.

03. juni 2016

Once considered a force of stability after the Yeltsin years, Vladimir Putin now depends on exporting instability and escalating international tensions in order to retain his grip on power at home. In the face of which, Garry Kasparov warns against complacency – at the same time as insisting that it is merely a question of time before Putin's apparent show of strength gives way to dramatic change in Russia itself.

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